2017 Cadillac XT5 - Fueling issue

My XT% has problems filling fuel. Seems like the vapor in the fuel tank kicks off the fuel filling nozzle? Why is that and why is it doing this?

Pretty common problem by reports here,not just w/that car, but many, many cars. Problem is usually in the evap system, either canister purge or vent valves not working correctly. During refueling fuel vapors above gasoline in tank are supposed to be directed into the evap canister b opening and closing various valves, then when engine is running the purge valve opens, others close, and contents of canister are burned in engine. If all that doesn’t happen correctly, fuel doesn’t flow freely into the tank during refueling and pump shuts off.

You might try the forum search feature, searching “purge valve”, for more ideas. Link upper right this page. Common problem, a good shop should have no problem solving this for you. Best of luck.

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Your evap canister has likely failed. Common in cars that are regularly “topped off” when refilled.


First, you can’t damage the canister by overfilling the gas tank.

You need to have someone inspect the vent for the EVAP system.

If the gas tank can’t vent when you’re adding gas, the nozzle will keep shutting off.

Did you know spiders can cause this problem?