2006 Buick LaCrosse - Transmission issues

When it’s cold & I go to take off it don’t want to switch in gear…my rpm just goes way up & when I go up hills it starts to jump a little.

Sound like a job for a shop.


Sounds like some sort of automatic transmission problem.

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There could be many reasons why a tranny slips. here are a few below. when was the last time you changed the fluid? also, have you checked to make sure you are not low on fluid?

Tech Tip: Transmission Slips in Buick Lacrosse (brakeandfrontend.com)

Transmission Slipping? (6 Causes & How To Fix It) (mechanicbase.com)

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It sounds like the transmission is slipping, so I would suggest that you drive–a.s.a.p.–to an independent trans shop (NOT a chain-run joint like AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, or Mr. Transmission) for diagnosis. With any luck, it will be a more minor repair, but you have to be prepared for the news that you need a transmission overhaul.

Based on the age of your Buick, it should have had the trans fluid changed at least 5 times over the years.
Have you done that?
If not, that is a likely cause of your trans problems.

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