2017 Buick LaCrosse takes 12 gallons in 16 gallon tank?

Tom has not been here in 2 years . At what point do you fill up , if you are waiting until the low fuel light comes on that is not a good practice. I really don’t understand why this is a problem . What does your miles to empty reading say when you refuel . I never let my fuel level get below 1/4 mark and most of the time I refill at the 1/2 mark .
How long have you had this vehicle ?

I fill up with random amounts of fuel remaining… sometimes when the low fuel light comes on. Regardless of whether or not I wait until empty, the fuel gauge does not reach full upon fill up. The issue with the car was from day 1 of my owning the vehicle. Was a Dealer Demo. car w/ 5K miles on it when I purchased it.

Your issue is most likely a bad fuel sending unit

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