2017 BMW X5 - does this estimate sound right?


I also hope that he didn’t get his oil changes done at Quicky Lube, where they are VERY unlikely to have the correct spec oil on hand.

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Ask this question on the BMW forum site Bimmerfest.com.
Ask in the specific X5 F15 model section. It’s the type of question very commonly seen and you’ll get experienced and insightful answers.

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BMW doesn’t provide dip sticks. They have a low oil light as @circuitsmith said. I’d get a second opinion too. Even though diagnostics might cost a couple hundred bucks, it could save thousands if the first diagnosis was wrong.


Hi you are talking about 2017 BMW X5, for this you have to search on google.

Well ,that is what the heading is so yes Jay50 is asking about a 2017 BMW X5 . Also he posted 23 days ago and has not returned .

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