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2017 Acura RDX - new noise after new suspension

Replaced all tires.
Replaced all new suspension.
PROBLEM: When hit any bumps in road the car sounds like you hit the bump in back. No shimmering or vibration though

Any modifications?
What suspension parts did you replace?
Are the tires the same size as specified by Acura?
Out of curiosity- -how many miles on your car that you had to replace suspension components?

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Did they do this work under warranty? I had to have the rear shocks replaced on our 16 RDX. Hit a bump and it sounded like the whole gas tank was coming loose. Service Manager knew exactly what it was and no problem replacing under warranty. A known problem.

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Did you make sure the spare tire is still tightly attached?

Are those new suspension components OEM Acura parts, or are they some sort of aftermarket parts?

Maybe the suspension work has inadvertently affected the exhaust system. Ask your shop to inspect that to make sure nothing is loose, pipes partially disconnected, no missing/broken exhaust hangers, heat shields properly supported, etc. Before going down that route you might want to remove everything from the trunk, including spare tire/jack etc, and see if that makes the sound go away.