2016 Volvo V60 - Dipstick

What do the the dipstick markings mean on my car or any car? If the maunal says 5.8 qts does the top mark mean there 5.8 qts in the engine. And what does the bottom mark indicate?

Forget the capacity number. All you need to know is that the top mark means your oil level is correct . The bottom mark means you need to add oil until the level reaches the top mark.
Also you should have one day a week to check oil level before stating the vehicle . I do that every Saturday.



That there are 4.8 quarts in the engine and that it’s time to add a quart.


@It_s_Me me is correct

BUT, don’t hold him to the accuracy of that digit to the right of the decimal point. Might be 5.7 quarts, might be 5.9 qts, there is a tolerance. After all, you are looking at fluid on a flat metal strip out of a engine that might not be exactly level.

And as @VOLVO_V70 points out, the important thing is that the level is between the marks, ALWAYS!

Don’t depend on the lube-boobs at the quickie oil change place, check it yourself before you leave!

… and, above all, please don’t fall into the all-too-common belief that it isn’t necessary to check one’s oil level between changes. I would estimate that about 10% of the threads in this forum have to do with cars whose engines were destroyed by not checking the oil regularly.


Oddly enough, the owners manual for my 2012 Camry says the add oil mark on my car is one and a half quarts below the full mark, Never have seen that before. It is just of academic interest because the car doesn’t burn any between changes.