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2016 Toyota Tundra - should warranty cover squirrel damage?

squirrels ate through housing and separated blower motor from fan, disabling heat/AC. two weeks waiting for parts shipped from Japan. shouldn’t this be a warranty repair? (4600 mites, 24 months)

No !..…………….

You could take the squirrels to small claims court.


NO!!! The warranty says nothing about critter damage…

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You could try and file a comprehensive claim with your car insurance.

My car insurance covers this type of thing under “all peril”. Yours may too, but the manufacturer won’t cover this type of thing.

Just watched a buffalo attach a tourist’s car on the news, and this type of thing will also not be covered by the car maker.

No, a warranty covers manufacturers defect

Put my vote in the “no” column as well.

Ok, I knew coverage was a pipe dream but must they make them so damn appetizing? I feel like I’m driving a salad bar.

I suppose a good class action law firm could argue that the soy based insulation used today on wires, make the manufacturer liable for animal damage, as the soy insulation is attractive to them. And thus this is a manufacturing defect or a design mistake.

But would they win? who knows…

I had a customer who had rodent damage to her car to the tune of $2400. Since the damage happened while parked in her carport her homeowner’s insurance covered the loss under the vandalism clause.

If your auto insurance doesn’t cover it try your homeowner’s policy.


Yeah, I’m another “no”. It would be called owner abuse or neglect to let the animals at your car.

Now if you are going to try your insurance, better get an adjuster involved right away to deal with the mechanic. They want to see the damage and OK and repairs before they are done.

If the squirrels were factory or dealer installed, I’d say yes.