2016 Toyota RAV4 - Transmission

Does this car have known automatic transmission issues on the petrol model my son lives in USA Virginia has been told that his transmission is sealed and a new one is $4000. Surley not there must either be a known issue for recall or an alternative fix. Please help?

The transmission is sealed from the owner, it is not sealed from the technician, a technician can remove the service plugs or disassemble the transmission.

Why does your son want to have the transmission replaced?

The powertrain warranty is for 5 years/60,000 miles, the the vehicle out of warranty?

That generation RAV4 is the top-selling non-pickup truck model in North America. Toyota built about 400,000 of them every year for the past few years. No known transmission issues with that generation and model. You can see the model has not known reliability issues here at CarComplaints one of our partner sites. Sorry to hear that yours has trouble.

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