2001 Toyota RAV4 - Right headlight problem



I have a 20001 Toyota RAV4 and any time I use the highbeams (or click on it by mistake) - the passenger side headlight shorts out.

My mechanic told me Hyundai had a similar problem and fixed it (something about a “power surge” blowing the bulb) but he hasn’t heard anything about Toyota.

Has anyone here had a similar problem and/or know of any fixes. My mechanic is so sympathetic he has stopped charging me to replace the bulb…which has been 3 times in the past year.


I assume the bulb is blowing out and not shorting out. They are two different issues. If the bulb is blowing out I suggest you try a different brand of bulb if the replacements aren’t from the dealer. I also assume the headlights aren’t the HID style that use a ballast transformer. If they HID then perhaps changing the transformer will help.


You are correct - the bulb is blowing out. Not quite sure what HID means though…

The bulbls are not from the dealer, I go to an independent mechanic. I’ll ask him to switch brands to see if that helps.

Thanks for the info