How much should a pair of LED headlight cost?

I want replace the whole headlights to LED, not just the light bulbs. When i research it, all i can find are mostly LED bulbs. And when i youtube how to replace headlights, all i can find are showing you how to change/replace LED light bulbs.

I found some LED headlights, they are about $250-$300. That cheap?

I read the customer reviews on some other sites, they are mix. some say good, the others say they are scam. They burnt out within a month. Anyone know where i can find good quality headlights? not just led bulb, but the entire headlights. Thanks

I just checked on Considering that non-led headlamps range from $100/pair to about $160/pair . . . for your Rav4 . . . I’d say $250 - $300 seems fair

However, there probably aren’t many aftermarket led headlamps out there for your Rav4. So less demand will lead to higher prices.

As to how the quality and/or reliability, I don’t have an opinion on that

No way it’s worth the trouble, cost and risk to me.


I agree with that, but apparently op wants that Rav4 to stand out and look spiffy

On many cars, you need to partially peel back the bumper to replace headlights. There’s plenty of potential to damage something, in the process

One thing that growing up the son of a lawyer taught me is to mitigate liability when possible. If you change the headlights to a non-approved system and then get into a wreck in circumstances where proper headlights might have enabled you to see better and avoid the crash (or just when the plaintiff’s attorney can convince the judge/jury that such was the case) then you’ve exposed yourself to liability unnecessarily.

my kid did the HID upgrade on a sedan and pickup and he liked both vehicles improved lighting. both had reflector headlights. I have not spoken to anyone who has put on aftermarket projector headlights and gotten any info on whether they worked better/worse/same than the factory reflector headlights. I think aftermarket projector lights and HID might have a heat issue. maybe not. I assume there is cheap/not cheap LED light capsules based on my limited reading on subject so I cannot say how projector headlights work with LED’s versus the supplied halogen bulbs. actually I do not know if the projector housings come with bulbs of any sort? projector housings AND LED bulbs as a kit probably is not cheap.

in general, putting “HID upgrade” into regular reflector head units results in glare and cursing from the people driving around :frowning:

I used to have 2007 Subaru Outback with projector lights and put HIDs there at some point.
at least I did not feel guilty to other drivers, as projector setup does not make it shine to their eyes like reflector one does.
at that moment I thought HIDs are “kinda better”, then one of ballasts burned in 1 year and I went for SilverLight regular halogen bulb on that side first, then replaced both as they were BRIGHTER and better focused.
at least I knew they would last a littlbe bit over 1 year

Are you sure you had HID in there, or those stupid “HID-look” blue-tinted bulbs they sell at places like Pep Boys?

Yes, HIDs, ballasts and such.

I think if somebody wants to have HID’s they have to go for properly designed headlight.

In Europe, you would not be allowed to have HID in your car unless headlight adheres to strict requirements on glare to the eyes on the opposite direction traffic, which in turn is not possible to achieve unless you have vertical tilt controls automatically adjusting lights to terrain and load, which pretty much requires you to have an expensive headlight

getting $50-70 “conversion set” slapped into a fixed reflector headlight housing is a sure way to shine all colors of rainbow to the eyes of other drivers :frowning:

silverstar halogens are brighter than HID lights? who knew?

brighter than BADLY FOCUSED HID lights…
the rest goes per your comment :slight_smile: