2016 Toyota Prius - Where to go after warranty is up

Where is a good place to take your car for routine maintenance after your warranty expires?

Come on Wayne , you did not even say where you are located . Frankly you have a complicated vehicle don’t you think that the dealer will have the resources for the best care . Or you can just web search for a local shop with good reviews for some of the minor things listed in your owners manual.

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If you go to the Facebook Prius club and join, the members there may have some suggestions too. It’s a well-run club. Volvo is correct, though, For most work, a good local shop is fine. Google Reviews are a great guide to help you sort through your options.

A friend recommends this mechanic:

Is Oahu convenient for the OP?


Hi Wayne:
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Your best bet would be to find a good local independent garage. Asking people you know for recommendations on such places is a good start.

Yep, good independent shop can handle all of the routine maintenance. Just make sure they use Toyota fluids for the power split device and coolant, rather than ‘universal’ fluids. You’re years away from having hybrid-specific issues, like the battery needing replacement, if that ever even happens. At that point there are shops that specialize in hybrid batteries.

You will want to review the maintenance schedule to know exactly what is needed when. That’s your responsibility.

Some dealers are competitive with local shops, check prices if you are happy with the work they have performed.

Have you had any warranty repairs?