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2016 Toyota Corolla - Oil change gone horribly wrong

Hello, I went for a service 2 days before for an oil change, they didn’t put the oil cap properly and my engine got seized. I towed my car to the same dealer and they are offering for brand new engine replacement. Is it ok to accept their offer? How could it impact when I go for resale? Will i see any issues in car for the new engine? Please advise.

Its 2016 model car and I bought it newly.

If that happened to me and they were going to put in a new engine. not a used or rebuilt one , I would be happy.


Brand new engine versus a rebuilt original engine? Brand new all the way. This isn’t a “numbers matching” collectors car.

No more than when this was a brand new car. You will be good to go!

I don’t see why you are even asking. Your vehicle is worthless without an engine.

Thanks for replying. Few of my friends suggested me that engine replacement will depreciate the car resale value. Since it is their mistake as them to replace with a new car. I’m not sure of what to go with hence asking suggestions from you experts.

They are not going to replace your car with a new one . And unless your friends are certified vehicle appraisers what they say means nothing. You are getting a new engine so stop wasting time and let them do it before they get upset and change their mind. As for value difference I doubt if it will make enough difference to even notice.

Are your friends by chance thinking of carfax?

Well, there is a very good chance that a future buyer will see the engine replacement on a carfax report

But that has no effect on the car’s value

do you have a better idea?

the shop owning their mistake and making this right is the best you are going to get- and as the others have said- if they are installing a NEW engine (not used or rebuilt,) then you are actually a bit ahead of the game,
as you will now have a 2 year old car with a brand new engine.

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Maybe you are asking if there is ‘diminished value’ in your car after the new engine is put in compared to the condition before the damage.

That probably won’t be the case because your damaged engine has X number of miles on it, and so the new engine might be viewed as ADDING value to your car – such that your car is worth no less after the repair.

One tip though is to keep all documentation of the new engine replacement in case this issue comes up when you want to sell the car.


Sounds like a good deal as long as no meaningful errors are made during replacement.

I had over 30,000 miles on a Ford Aerostar that was still on warranty. In my case, there was a hairline crack in one of the cylinder heads. Enough coolant had leaked in to score the cylinder wall. However, I never noticed white smoke from the exhaust. I was glad to have a new engine.

First, they would replace it with a used 2016, not a new car. Do you want a new engine in a car you know, or a car driven by who knows who?

Second, we had a transmission replaced under warranty at 58,000 miles on one of our cars. It ran to 187,000 miles befor we got rid of it. I thought of it as a bonus.

I’d take the new engine myself.

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