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2016 Subaru Legacy - Key Stuck in Ignition

Intermittently, not able to remove the key from the ignition switch when the vehicle is in Park. The cause is contamination of the Park-Range switch internal components. Needs a new SELECT LEVER COMPLETE part #35111AL00C. This info. is from the website

That definitely seems possible.

Some of the cars that I repair look like dirty restaurants after I remove the center console. Unknown to the owner there are electronic sensors in the gear shift assembly that can be contaminated by spilled beverages.

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You can use a can of WD40 and spray the solution into the ignition lock. This and lubrication should be more than enough to remove the key. You can also use an adhesive remover to get rid of debris or any form of gunk stuck on the key. Remember to thoroughly clean the key and then reinsert it.

Did you read the OP’s problem

The problem is the shift lever won’t go fully into park so they can remove the key.

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