2003 buick regal

When I put my 2003 regal into park and turn off the key the key only comes back part way and I can’t get the key out without repeating the shut off sequence numerous times. The key won’t turn to the “off” position. I sprayed lubricant into the lock and it didn’t help. Is there something in the shifter that isn’t seating in the park position?

I hope the lube you put in the key cylinder was dry graphite as anything else will just gum it up even more.

Has there ever been a part of a key lost in the cylinder or has the cylinder been tampered with (as in an attempted theft)?

I had the same problem with my 1978 Oldsmobile. In my case, there is a rod from the floor shifter to the ignition lock that won’t let the key release unless the shifter is in Park. A simple adjustment solved the problem. This may be what is happening in your case.

I bought a graphite lock lube from an automotive parts house that sprays in wet and then dries. I was assured it wouldn’t gum up the cylinder. To my knowledge the cylinder has never been tampered with or part of a key lost.

I thought that an adjustment might be needed but I can’t find where to make the adjustment. Any ideas?

Does anyone know where to make the adjustment on my Regal?

Buy a Haynes manual for your car. It might show it. I’m on the road and don’t have access to my Haynes manuals. If you are willing to wait, I could post a reply by Saturday. That doesn’t guarantee that Haynes has the information, but I will look if you ask me to.

I will try to find a Haynes manual and would appreciate it if you would look in your manuaul.

I look at a Haynes manual. I don’t see anything in the troubleshooting section, transaxle section, or electrical section that seems to address this issue.

Thanks to all who gave input to my problem. I wound up taking the car in to the dealer and they replaced the $303.00 shift control assembly. Apparently the switch, that is part of this assembly, that sends a signal to tell the ignition system when the shifter is in park failed and the switch can’t be purchased separately. Add on labor and tax and for $477 I can now get the key to the off postion.

I found this page helpfull but i just sprayed some wd40 then sewing machine oil on the slot at the bottom of the shifter handle under the consel which loosens the switching mechenisim. It’s fixed. Thank you