2004 Pontiac Sunfire key was stuck

An unusual problem for wife’s Sunfire (she’s 82 and I am 88). For 2 days she drove it, and despite advice from Pontiac Help, the key was stuck in the ignition. Then I drove it the next day, and it came right out. She admits running over a high curb, and caused the stuck key, and I think my more vigorous push into “Park” gear got it unstuck. Are we both right?

I’m wondering if it might be related to the gadget in the ignition switch that prevents turning the steering wheel when the key is removed. Maybe that got damaged somehow in the curb incident. Just a wild guess is all.

Thanks for the reply, but it is a mystery. For 2 days, the ignition switch was absolutely stuck in the off position, would move farther left into the lock position, no matter what was tried. The on the third day, after a five mile drive, it came out easily.

There is an interlock mechanism that prevents the driver from locking the ignition if the shift lever is not in park. On some vehicles if the shift lever is soiled and the push-to-release button does not pop out after shifting to park the ignition can not be turned to the locked position to remove the key.

Thanks for replying. I think you are correct about why the ignition key could not be withdrawn.