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2016 Subaru Forester - Eyesight

Is there anyway to adjust the sound on the cross lane warnings in EyeSight?

Not according to the folks at Subaru I have spoken to (dealers and also employees of Subaru). I also own a '16 Forester with Eyesight and the lane departure warning drives me crazy. In the city (which I avoid, but can’t always) it never shuts up because there are so many conflicting lane markers (Bike lane, merge lines, bus-only lanes, and even old lines still visible) I live in a rural area and I have to cross the yellow line frequently to avoid walkers, joggers, potholes, parked vehicles etc. It never stops beeping. As you know, you can disable it with the button on the ceiling, but then you have to look at a large yellow warning icon. Sadly, this same PIA system carried into the new 2019 generation. I review cars and it was one of the only faults I found with the new Forester. More here if interested. If you do find a fix, please circle back and I will broadcast it to the world at multiple publications.

Oops! Unintended consequences. I want or need that PIA system or other garbage on my cars like I want or need tap-dance lessons.

The Ford Explorer we rented had something like that, kept beeping at me.