2016 Kia Sorento - No AM stations

Radio works but no AM stations work at all

You don’t need it anyways.

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I presume you can still display & select AM stations. Do you hear no sound at all on AM, or just
a lot of static?

Has the OP owned this vehicle since it was new and the radio malfunction just began recently, or did he recently purchase the vehicle and then discovered the radio glitch?


AM radio reception needs a good connection to the car’s antenna. Antennas used to be extendable rods but now are usually in window glass. If the connection to the antenna is not good, AM reception will be not good.

Where is your antenna? Does an intact coaxial cable run from it to the radio? Is it plugged securely into the radio?

FM uses far shorter wavelength, and functions with far less antenna.

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Yes or it could be a problem with the radio. I had ine in to the delco repair shop and it had a faulty FM board which affected the AM band or visa versa. Don’t remember but the guy was correct.

Vertical antenna orientation is usually best for AM, horizontal FM. My prior VW Rabbit had the FM antenna extending horizontally across the rear window glass, but had the normal AM antenna pointing upwards, proud of the roof. If OP’s Sorento is similarly configured, could just be a problem in the AM antenna path. Tend to get damaged in automatic car washes. My Corolla and truck somehow seem to get pretty good FM reception with just the vertically oriented AM antenna. One problem with the Rabbit’s FM, reception tended to be directional.

The 2016 Kia Sorento has what many call the Shark Fin antenna . Bob did not ask for help or say if he just purchased this vehicle .