2016 Nissan Altima - Tire suggestion

I’m glad that it worked for you, but that doesn’t mean that it works for everyone.
A friend of mine needed tires on an emergency basis, as a result of running over nails on the highway, and he went to a nearby non-discount tire shop. Luckily, he called me before he agreed to buy the tires that they were recommending, and I was quickly able to determine that the Bridgestones that they were pushing hadn’t even been made for several years. Clearly, they were trying to get rid of old stock.

I recommended a particular Michelin instead, and luckily the tire shop had them in stock, so he got them instead of those aged Bridgestones. However, a few years later, when it was time to replace the Michelins, the Costco tire technician pointed out to us that the tires he was removing from the car were not of the load-carrying range that they should have been. That was “strike two” for that non-discount tire shop.

I picked up a posi drive screw in an Acura tire with 12000 miles. It was within an inch of the edge of the tread. Therefore, I needed a new tire. I wanted 1 oem as the car would be a lease return. A local tire shop was a Tire Rack installer and offered to have the tire shipped to their location and mounted and balanced with a new valve stem for $22.50. However, the Acura dealer was cheaper, and had the tire in stock. Plus, they washed the car for free. The big box store was a little higher.
The point is to check the dealer’s price on routine service, and replacement tires, batteries etc.

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The Goodyears that came OE on my wife’s 2012 Malibu were crap. in fact, most of the Goodyears I have ever bought were crap.

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I guess that I was lucky, or that–perhaps–Ford’s Goodyear choice for the '86 Taurus and Honda’s Goodyear choice for the '92 Accord were better than most OEM spec tires. I had no complaints about the tires on either car, and that included the length of their treadwear.

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I was the unlucky owner of a 1976 Ford Granada with the infamous steel belted Firestone 500 tires that would disintegrate without warning.

The tires were recalled and the original owner of the car would get free Firestone replacements.

As the second owner I got 4 new ties for 50% of the price. The car had 30,000 miles on it at that time.

On the other hand the Bridgestone tires on my 2007 Toyota have been perfect. I had one flat that destroyed the tire, and got an identical replacement form Costco.

My aunt bought a new Chevy Malibu that was equipped with those Firestone 500 tires.
The recall entitled her to a replacement with Firestone’s “new and improved” 721 tires.
Then, the 721s were recalled because they were just as much a piece of crap as the old 500 tires.
After all of this incompetence on the part of Firestone, it appears that Bridgestone was able to buy them out at fire sale prices.

Based on my own incredibly negative experiences with Bridgestone tires–as well as my aunt’s incredibly negative experience with Firestone tires–I would not buy either Bridgestones or their cheap-o Firestone line of tires.

Asking for tire recommendations seems like a waste of time to me . That said , Michelin makes very good tires for all types of use. But I had such a miserable experience with a set that brand is just not on my list. No real logic involved there .

Yeah actually that was my experience too. I wrecked a tire on my concrete step in the garage. The matching tire was cheaper at the dealer than the tire shop. Only problem was they couldn’t put it on for several days. Huh? So I just picked the tire up and the tire shop mounted it. I think I had 1200 miles on it too. Ripped a hole in the side so no question it was shot.