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2016 Nissan Altima - Recurring rust

Rust formed and paint bubbled on trunk lid. It was under warranty - under 50,000 miles, less than 3 years old - so they “repaired” it. It turns out they didn’t do it properly, as a few months later it came back. I’ve now been unable to get the new rust addressed for almost a year.

I contacted the Russ Darrow Nissan Dealer body shop and the manager said he’d get back to me. This happened 10 times, with him never getting back to me. So I contacted Nissan Consumer Affairs, and the Regional Representative said he’d help me. He said the body shop would contact me. Still nothing.

I contacted Nissan Consumer Affairs again, and Regional Representative Brittney Polk opened a new case for me. She referred me to a different Nissan-approved body shop. I took the vehicle in for an estimate, but when it came back as costing over $2,000 - the actual cost to properly address the rust issue - she had me again go to the Russ Darrow Nissan dealership.

I took it there to get an estimate. I advised Brittney Polk that I had - via message, as she never answers her phone - but never heard back. I’ve called back 6 times over the past 6 weeks and still no return call.

I called the Russ Darrow body shop and talked to the manager and he said he couldn’t proceed without authorization for the dealership or Nissan Consumer Affairs. And he confirmed that the only way to properly address rust and keep it from coming back is to do the trunk lid replacement as the other body shop had written up. Meaning that the first repair was not intended to properly address the rust issue.

In addition to messages to Nissan Consumer Affairs Regional Representative Brittney Polk not being returned, I’ve now left 3 messages with the Russ Darrow Service Manager, Paul Lecher, but have not received calls back.

Do any of your local TV news have a consumer reporter? Sometimes they can get action.


Sorry, this is the CarTalk forum… You need a LegalTalk forum. Seriously, you need a lawyer that specializes in consumer protection complaints.

That or contact your state’s Attorney General. They sometimes deal with consumer cases.