2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris - Brken crankcase valve

What exactly breaks down on Crank case ventilation valve on 2016 Mercedes Metris? It looks like only plastic components and plastic pipes.Do you really have to replace the whole thing???

These are the components that make up the PCV system on your vehicle.

I don’t know if individual components can be replaced, or only the entire assembly?

But with Mercedes?

Probably the entire assembly.



I just watched this repair on YouTube… The valve is not sold individually so the $1000 is not optional. Replacing that assembly takes a few hours of labor at $150 and hour and up.

The valve can fail a number of ways, none of which matter since repacement is the only option.

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It looks very complicated for just the crank-case breather function. I mean all it has to do is move fresh air through the crankcase, picking up oil vapors, perhaps separate out any liquid oil, then to the intake to be burned. Am I seeing a wire-harness connection? I wonder what that is for? Perhaps there’s some work-a-rounds possible if a person knew exactly how it worked.

Crankcase ventilation systems are more complicated on turbocharged engines. There is no vacuum while the engine under boost and small engines rely on boost each time accelerating.

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