2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Codes

2016 mercedes c300 4matic pcv valve Code P052E

2015 C300 2.0l Mercedes , crankcase ventilation line /oil separator . - YouTube


Replacing Mercedes’ version of a PCV system involves disconnecting the motor mounts and lifting the engine?
It’s no wonder that repair costs on these cars are so ridiculously expensive.

Doesn’t just about every modern car require some crazy manipulations to get at anything more than filters? Mine have for the last 30 years.

I can only speak for my Subarus which–since 2001 or so–have only required the use of a 19mm deep socket to remove the PCV valve from the top of the engine. Nothing whatsoever regarding about the disconnection of motor mounts or hoisting the engine.

I am ignorant of what this type of procedure involves with other makes, but I suspect that most makes don’t require the very labor-intensive procedure that MB engines require for what used to be a very simple DIY job.

That being said, because I am contemplating the purchase of a Lexus RX-450h for my next vehicle, you can be sure that I am going to research this type of–formerly easy-- maintenance procedure on that model before I order one.

I hope it’s one built in Ontario, Canada. Toyota stopped production of all automobiles in Japan today due to a hacking attack.

Source: PBS News Hour tonight.