2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class headlights aren't bright

My car’s headlights are not bright. Any suggestions? Also, the stereo isn’t great and I would like Sirius radio. Has anyone changed their stereo?

Are you sure you have the headlights on and not just the daytime running lights? Don’t get offended, I’ve seen lots of people do this. I’ve done it myself.

Once it gets dark, check to see that you tail lights are on as well as the headlights. If the tail lights aren’t on, you’ve been driving around with only the 1/2 bright daytime running lights. Turn the lights on and see if they are bright enough.

If not, there are brighter replacement headlight bulbs available for many cars. Like this;


Is this a recent used vehicle purchase? You should have Sirius ability which is a subscribe option. As for the stereo not being great maybe you have not set all the tone and balance to suit you.

You might want to make sure the headlights are aimed properly. Also, if you’ve recently come from a different car, perhaps it didn’t have sharp cutoffs like more of today’s cars do (especially European ones).

You can get a plug-in Sirius radio directly from SiriusXM when you subscribe. Go to their web site and find one you like. Your car needs an auxiliary input port for the external radio.

@Gail21 This Mercedes should still be under warranty if you are original owner and if not should still have some warranty . Go to the dealer and ask your questions. I can’t see that any Mercedes sold in the last few years does not have satellite capabilities.

Thanks. I bought the car new and it had halogen lights. I just had them changed to LED and they are much brighter.

I had the lights changed to LED and now they are much better. Cost $500 but it is worth it. I can now see at night:)

My car did not come with satellite capabilities even though it’s a 2016 c300.

Not trying to argue but are you certain . Our 2010 Volvo and our 2014 Nissan both came with satellite capabilities. But we are not paying the fee to use it.

The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) started testing headlight performance a couple years ago. The 2016-2018 C-Class lights rated Poor.

I wonder what lights were installed for $500 that made the difference. Something from a different Mercedes model? Or something aftermarket? And was it something inside the existing headlamp assembly, or a new and different headlight assembly that fit the C-Class body?

seems odd a high performance german engineered car would have poor output lights. are the new led’s output a higher lumen value vs the stock halogen bulbs?

I asked our Mercedes dealer. They said that it did not. I can check with another person at the dealership as this was such a huge disappointment. The loaner car I had came with Internet, LED lights, an amazing sound system…

Satellite radio was listed as an option on MB C and E class sedans. That implies to me that the radio head unit with SiriusXM was optional.

German car makers are famous for charging for every little option. So I’m not surprised satellite radio wasn’t included.