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93 miata brakes

i was just told by the dealer that my rear brakes are almost down to the 'squealers". i have noticed no problems at all with the brakes and wonder if i can just drive it until it starts to squeal or i have other issues. i bought the cars used 3 years ago and have done no work on it except a few oil changes.

The ‘squealers’ are there to warn you when it’s time to change the pads. I’d run it till it ‘squeals’. And check your manual, there may be some things you need to do, like replace the coolant, air filter, etc.

I too would run it 'til it starts making noise.

If you feel uncomfortanble doing that. you might have an independent owner-operated shop take a look and see what they think. A second opinion is never a bad idea.

oh i did have a mechanic friend change the coolant and air filter 2 years ago. i only drive the car about 3,000 local miles in the summer.

I’d like to mention that there’s no guarantee the “squealers” will work…so you might not know until you get metal on metal.

Brakes are like the eraser you have bonded on a wooden pencil (yes, I’m old.) So long as you have eraser remaining, it’s softer than the paper and will erase, no problem. One you wear down to the level of the metal (I made a lot of mistakes in school) holding it in place, when you go to erase…you gouge a big tear in the paper!

If you intend on owning the car much longer, I’d do the brakes soon, because…you’ll eventually need to do a brake job, but at 3,000 mi/year, you’ll probably never need a second. Therefore there’s no real cost to doing the job early (excluding the time factor of money.)

unfortunately money is the issue. i had a recent 20% pay cut so am looking for ways to keep using this car without spending money on it. if worse comes to worse, i will either sell it or garage it and use my daily winter driver, an 03 protege 5.

Miata brakes parts are cheap and very easy to service. Drive it until the squeals and/or check them at the end of the season. I get track worthy rear rotors for my 90 for 10 bucks each at the local import part store.

Good Miata info:

Well, it sounds like a good time to learn how to check the pads. It’s not hard, you may be able to do it with a small mirror, or, at worst, with the car up on a jack stand (not a jack) and the rear wheel removed. Any Miata clubs around you might join? Lots of free info and help at those.