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2016 Lexus RX350 better fuel mileage than 2013 RAV4?

Wife claims better fuel mileage than my RAV4.

Mostly Interstate and highway driving.
We both use 85 octane Regular.
All tires up to pressure.
Thank you.
(Anything I can do to improve RAV4?)

The highway fuel economy between the two is only 2 MPG.

It’s plausible that Lexus might be able get better fuel economy due do different driver habits. You didn’t mention the actual mileage that either vehicle is getting though. So it’s hard to tell what, if anything is going on.

Use a thing called Google and search for hypermiling or getting good gas mileage.

Thank you.
She will make the same 470-mile round trip bloodelivery in the 2016 RX350 and 2013 RAV4.
But I do not have fuel tank capacities.
Is the RX350 not heavier than the RAV4?

To save fuel, when possible, I draft larger vehicles. (Many Texan’speed in their SUVs,o I make better time and less fuel consumption!) Going up hills I do not accelerate or accelerateven more gradually. Tire pressures are abovehicle recommended 35 psi.

To reduce weight I wanto remove the rear seats which we never use.
But she will not allow it.

Driving habits. Bet she drives slower. Big difference.

Just visited FoDaddy’s link.
RX350’s fuel tank is 19.2 gallons 19 mpg / 26 mpg 422-mile range
RAV4 is 15.9 gallons 22 mpg / 28 mpg 398-mile range
I thoughthatheyvould be similar capacity gas tanks.

She does not draft as I often do.
She gets 470-mle range!

Range is a combination of tank capacity and fuel economy but range alone doesn’t prove that one vehicle consumes less than the other. My Dodge Ram has a 35 gallon tank and can go nearly twice as far on a tank as my Stratus that gets 30 MPG.

Yes. Being Toyotas, I thoughthey had very similar capacity fuel tanks.

One time I drafted a semi going 85 to 90 miles per hour on posted 75 mph Interstate. (Most semis are governed at 65 mph to save fuel.)
Presumably he had a radar detector or other truckers reported state patrol locations.
(The hospital blood bank personnel were so pleased! Asked if I had used red lights and siren. No, they had not requested emergentransport.)
Think I used two gallons over the 100-mile trip!

The capacity of your gas tank nothing to do with your gas mileage and if you think it does you are not calculating your mileage correctly.

Maybe wife is lighter :slight_smile:
Maybe the dog rides with you;

I will do the math on the miles driven and how much fuel filled. I do this on all my cars. Range even in the same car does not mean much as the gauges could defer on when they hit empty. One might need a gallon less at empty compared to the other.

The Lexus has a display in the instrument cluster showing overall fuel economy average and tank economy, it should be easy to see that the RX350 consumes more fuel than a RAV4.

Our used toy poodle from animal rescue is 4.1 lbs!
Wife is lighter unless I consider her handbag. Even has a 25-ft.ape measure!!

Years ago I kept meticulous records, always over-filling exactly to the seam in the fuel filler tube.
But emergentransports ruin everything.
(Used half a tank transporting emergent up hill to a mountain hospital againstrong headwinds. Fortunately got pushed east by the same winds.)
Nowe look athe fuel consumption reading in the instrument panel and wonder if Toyota exaggerates to read better mileage than actual.

Most cars cluster calculation is off. The only two that I found accurate were the Mazda CX-9 (now sold) and my Hyundai Veloster. I have stopped doing the math on these two because it is as close to 0.1 MPG.

BULL. Drafting is NOT going to triple your gas mileage.

If the Rav4 is not getting better gas mileage then the Lexus, then you are either calculating it wrong, or your driving habits are so out of wack. Based on your other claims in the past…I suspect both. You really need to sit down with someone who knows something about cars and have them explain things to you.

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Apparently the RAV4 is getting better gas mileage, She was basing her getting to that hospital and back without refueling the Lexus buthe RAV4 needs refueling on the same trip.

Looking athe fuel gauge, it seemed like the RAV4 used two gallons after drafting a semi at 65 mph. But I did not refill and calculate fuel consumption.

Having taught physics and studied to be a chemical engineer, amazingly I know how autos mobile and aircraft fly! I accelerate gently, keep the tires harder to lowerolling resistance. (Toyota knows people like softeriding vehicles - athexpen$e ofuel mileage. As a registered tree-hugger and Greenie, I prefer better gas mileage.)

Wish thathe RAV4 did not have the windrag that it has, but nothing I can do about it other than having removed the luggage rack cross-bars.
When will they replace outside review mirrors with tiny cameras and a flat screen display athe windowhere we normallyiew the rearview mirror?

The two are not dramatically different in fuel economy. The RX has a bigger tank. To answer your last question, “As soon as federal regulators allow automakers to get rid of outside mirrors, they will do so.” Both of these vehicles are sold as hybrids. I only mention it since you call yourself “a registered tree-hugger and Greenie.” Safer than drafting semis and a lot more effective over the life of the vehicle.

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Might be true , because it is easy to see that you did not teach English Composition .

BULL…no way in hell did you ever teach physics. Based on all your past posts - you barely under simple math concepts. And NOW you have a minimum wage job delivering blood???


I savelectrons! Or ink, whichever comes first!
(I also taught English as a second language to Asians.)

One would expect automakers to reduce windrag by replacing outside rearview mirrors with tiny cameras in place of the mirrors.
With LCDs becoming so cheap, it seems like a viable idea.

As a voldumbteer I deliver any medical items, not just blood.
Fortunately I own a small companyvhich covers thexpenses.

One cannot figure wind resistance in calculating fuel consumption.
Presumably one couldiscern elevation and rise and descent, buthat is not wortheffort.

The best I can do is reduce weight, remove luggage rack crossbars, make tires harder, stopicking up hitchikers.
Wouldimpling thexterior like a golf ball reduce windrag?