2016 Lexus RX350 better fuel mileage than 2013 RAV4?



I take it you either have never driven a vehicle with a backup camera or have driven one, but not in inclement weather. Rain or snowy days make the backup camera totally worthless.

Now to the physics part. Since you claim to be a physics expert. Could you please tell us the drag coefficient on the average auto side mirror, and how much drag will be reduced by replacing with cameras and the over-all gas savings. Use your own cars as an example. Since you’re an expert on physics this calculation should be trivial.


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Would have to wind testhe drag caused by the mirrors. (I do not know the airflow around the vehicle body.)
Our vehicles have backup cameras and I regularlyvipe them off with a wet cloth.
Since theyvould be higher up, I’d expecthere to be less buildup on rearview mirror cameras.

Next would benclosing the rear wheels in the body cowling withe cover easily removable.


Tesla is trying to get the government to allow cameras to replace the outside mirrors. No word yet on this.

From news article:
Currently, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 111 requires cars to have side mirrors, but the Tesla and the trade group — which consists of 12 auto manufacturers including BMW, Ford and General Motors — want the safety standard revised to allow camera-based rearview systems.

In a copy of the petition, the automakers state that the removal of the mirrors allows for an increase in vehicle aerodynamics. They say the change can lead to greater driving distances on a single charge or tank of fuel.


Should have patented the idea back in 2004.
What about covering wheels with a smoothubcap?
Or is airflow needed to cool brake pads andisks?

Myehicle would be ugly, I know.


You don’t need to know that. Each component can be calculated independently. If you knew physics you’d know that.


Incorrect. Too manyariables. If we could know everyariable and influence, yes, we can calculate.


Sorry, but you are so wrong. And it’s so obvious you haven’t a clue.


Nice to see you back Mr Gift. I guess in my book 2mpg means little or I would not drive 80 in a 70mph interstate. Sure I could hypermile,
22mpg at 80mph, 24 at 55. so 500 mile trip, so 7 hours or 9 hours, costs me $6 according to this calculator for $3 a gallon. Skip a coffee and water on the road and bring your own, more saved than the cost of gas.


Actually the differences are larger than that, for me at least. I get (in the summer) 32 at 75 and 40 at 50.

(Subaru Forester)


Wind resistance increases exponentially with speed.
Wish I could know the ideal speed for least fuel consumption/mile.
Unfortunately probably somewhere within the 40 to 50 mph range.

No coffee. Keeps me awake while driving.
I also do not use the air conditioner. It’s good to sweat!

During themergency transporthis afternoon, I drove on the driest portion of the roadway to increase fuel mileage.
Buthelectronic siren, ~14.5A and emergency lights also impose a load on the alternator so everything together ruins fuel economy.

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Blood could be delivered by drone,Crist set up a go fundme page diriving on the driest part of the roadway? is like that on a dirt road avoiding mud patches? How much gas do you really think you save?


Justrying to save as much fuel as possible.
This discussion began about wife’s claim that her 2016 RX350 gets better gas mileage than my 2013 RAV4 which I assume is lighter weight.
Nowe know she has 3-1/3 gallons more fuel capacity. Also wondered if her 2016 engine performancefficiency is better than the older RAV4.

Driving on wet roadways, the water drag is noticeable.

Blood is delivered by drone in Africa due much to washed out roads.


We all appreciate what you do, but I would be glad to send money to a go fund me page so you quit trying to save a dime. Drive safely #1, get there using less gas #2


They are only 2 MPG different this year according to CR; it would not surprise me that with 3 years’ newer technology, the 2016 Lexus gets better fuel mileage than the 2013 RAV4, at least in some circumstances.


Thank you, but it is the registered tree-hugger and Greenie’s duty to save the planet by learning to save fuel and reduce pollution.


Yes, that was the thinking that it improved over justhree years.
Now she’ll want a 2019 RX350!!


After all these years you should know how to do that by now .


I suppose motorcycle delivery is out of the question? You have a unique ability to keep threads going, a compliment I guess


I would LOVE motorcycle delivery! Imagine 120 mph legally on my Kawasaki wearing my big backpack. Nebraska farmer said he did 130+ mph on the Interstate on his crotch-rocket. Routinely does 110 mph in his King Ranch Expedition.
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