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2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee - how many tires to change?

I bought new tires 14,500 miles ago. A nail recently punctured the tread of one tire near the side wall. I took the car to a tire dealer and they said the tire could not be repaired because the nail was so close to the side wall. Checking on line seems to confirm this story.

They further said that because my car had all-wheel drive it would be necessary to replace all four tires rather than just one or two. They the difference in the diameter of a new tire and the existing tires would cause problems with the differentials, axles, etc.

What do you say? One tire? Two tires? Or all four?


Replace all four because if you damage the all wheel drive system because of mismatched tires then you will void the warranty .

Thanks for the affirmation. All four it is.

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The joys of owning an AWD/4WD car . 2WD for me .


I’ve heard of shops actually “shaving” a new tire to match diameters of tires installed on a car. The thought of deliberately wearing down a new tire goes against the grain for me, though.

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You might check used tire places for one of the same mke and model with the same tread depth, longshot, but worth a try imhop

If you like the almost new tires, it makes sense to buy one and have it shaved down.

I would double check your owners manual, most newer cars are not as sensitive to the tires being the same size. Subaru is the only brand I can think of with that requirement. I think worst case, you need 2 tires to match the axle.

Does your Jeep have a selector switch for 4WD vs 2WD operation? If so, only use 4WD when driving in snow or off-pavement. Where the road surface allows the tires to slip a little I mean. My 4WD truck has 4WD vs 2WD selection, and that’s what I do. I make sure the tires on the same axle are the same size is all. If you have full time 4WD and no method to switch to 2WD, I’m guessing your best bet is to buy 4 new tires, or use the tire-shave method.

Thank you for your suggestion. My Jeep has AUTO, SNOW, SAND, ROCK and N.

I’d go with (4) new tires myself.

New AWD parts are expensive.

Hopefully, what they said was- we measured the remaining tires and they are below the spec difference compared to a new tire. I find it suspicious that 14k mile tires are so worn as to be out of spec compared to a new tire. And I hope they know what the allowable tolerance is for that vehicle. Maybe they do and just left it out. But I would want to know those details. Because it is in their interest to sell 4 tires rather than one. Even then, I would not pitch 3 relatively new tires. I would find a place that can shave the new one the small amount needed to match the existing tires. But I’m frugal that way…

Thanks for the tip about shaving tires. Never heard of that but will check into it.

Thanks for your input. Four tires seems to be the consensus.

Thanks for the info. Four tires seems to be the consensus.

Several people have suggested shaving the new tire. Will check into that. Does seem odd. Thanks for the reply.

Good thought. We have several nearby. Thanks

Will check into shaving a new tire. Never heard of that. Thanks

Checked the owners manual. No mention of that. Thanks for the suggestion.

no 2WD option. Only MUD, SNOW, SAND, and AUTO. Thanks for the suggestion.