2018 grand cherokee. Need to replace all tires?

TL,DR: New Tire of same brand (same tread pattern) is 1/14-1/16 inch thicker than rest of the tires. Do i need to replace all of them? AWD

So, got one of my tires punctured and had to switch on the spare tire (passenger side front).

Then went to a repair shop and the owner told me that I can replace one tire.
ended up getting a single tire of the same brand (bridgestone, ecopia h/l 422 plus)

After replacing the tire, I measured the 4 tires and the new one is 1/14-1/16 inch thicker than the rest…
The rest of the tires had 17k miles on them

I read online about how having a mismatch in tire size causes trouble with AWD system and system and what not… was wondering if I need to replace all 4 tire

Some cars are very sensitive to the different diameter of a single replaced tire. Subarus for example, you would need to replace all 4 per the owners manual.

What does your owners manual say about this?.. I’ll tell you, page 483 says to replace tires in pairs on a given axle. So you need one more new tire, not 3.

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Ask a tire shop to shave the new tire down so it matches the other three.



thanks!!! missed this in the manual…

I’d have the new tire shaved.