2016 Jeep Compass -Throttle body

I bought my Jeep Compass in Dec 2018, with 22,000, now it’s got 29,000, I’m told it needs a throttle body, which is not included in my power train warranty . Plus my other warranty ran out in March, that one was 3 months or 30,000 miles?? But do they wear out this fast?? Thank you for your help

Not usually, but it IS a Jeep. Not the best quality vehicles by a large margin.

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Why do they think you need a throttle body?

If it’s running properly and there is no check engine light, there should be no reason to replace it.

Or are they suggesting a throttle body cleaning ? again if running fine and no check engine light, no need to clean it.

@Lora57 what are the symptoms?

No it is not normal. Normally this is not something most people ever have to replace . Are you the second buyer ? Normally bumper to bumper is 3 years or 36000 miles for everything .
edit : sorry just saw that it said you bought it at 22000 . I would also check with Chrysler on what the transferal of warranty is . Assume you are at a Chryco dealer .

check engine light was/is on . . . ?!

If so, what are the exact codes?

It’s not unheard of to replace a throttle body. Most last longer than 29,000 miles though. What kind of trouble are you having with the car?

Funny thing then that my local parts supplier has throttle bodies in stock for many different models. It’s a moving electrical part, they fail.

I’m not saying I replace them on a daily basis, but I myself have replaced 3 or 4 this year, I know the other 5 guys in the shop have done a few too.

Still rare , been around a long time and I have never replaced one and have never heard of anyone else replacing one . Sometimes they need to be cleaned though .

If the motors and/or gears in the electronic throttle body are bad, cleaning won’t help

Thats true but i think I would try to clean it first . Hard to believe the TB is bad already , its 3 years old . But who knows . Ive had many Chryslers and never had an issue with a TB .