2014 Toyota Venza - What's up with all the throttle body cleaning?

20k miles ago I had my throttle body cleaned by the dealership. Now they say it need to be cleaned again. I drive mostly on the expressway and i keep up my oil changes. My car drives the same, it may pick up speed a little slower. Should the throttle body need to be cleaned after 20k miles.

Probably didn’t need it the first time, don’t need it now. How many miles? Any warning lights on?

Did you bring the car in for service and describe symptoms that would necessitate a throttle body cleaning or did you have it in for unrelated service and they suggested that you get it cleaned now? Either way, I wouldn’t do it again only 20k miles later…

I have a dictionary somewhere that says “dealership throttle body cleaning” is a synonym for “customer wallet cleaning.” Will have to see if I can find that book around here…

Agree with the other responses.

It can be a necessary evil now and then but with predominantly expressway driving I would say that you do not need it at this time.

The first mileage was 56k and this trip was 76K and no warning lights. Thanks for your time.

Can they show you why it might be needed?

I’ve cleaned throttle bodies every 100K miles or so.