2016 Hyundai Tucson - Airbags, transmission and nitrogen

A few articles came up on my phone re my 2016 hyuandi Tucson gl.there are some major this that need to be checked for instance the air bags dons deploy on passenger sideThere is transmission when I take off in the am from backing out feels like the car is gonna die in me they put nitrogen in my tires were overinflated wore out the middle tread had to replace there was current recalls

So? Take it in for any outstanding recalls. There is no charge for recalls.
As far as the tires, this is on you for failing to periodically checking the the air pressure.

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My wife drives a 2016 Tucson and we haven’t received any recall notices at all. If it feels like it’s going to die first thing in the morning, have the dealer or a good independent shop look at it. As for the tires, I find that shops frequently overinflate tires. Get in the habit of checking your tires periodically and especially after service.

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If you phone the dealer’s service department, and give them the VIN, they will tell you if there are any outstanding/unresolved recalls relating to your vehicle. A recall might–or might not–apply to different vehicles from a particular model year, depending on the date of manufacture. The VIN will determine whether the air bag problem relates to your particular vehicle.

If you bought it as a new vehicle, the Powertrain Warranty should still be in effect, and this would be a potential warranty-covered problem. If you bought it as a used vehicle, then that warranty has likely run its course.

A vehicle owner who wants to be as safe as possible, and also to be able to get as much tread life as possible from his tires, will check the inflation pressure periodically, and will adjust it as necessary.
If the treads wore out in the center, that indicates that the tires were overinflated for a very long time, and that equates to neglect on your part.