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2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid - had to power down because engine went to 100%

I had an incident one time where as i was pulling into a parking space, the engine went 100% and didn’t stop until i held the power button down for a few seconds. i was not applying any pressure to the accelerator while parking. i have not had this issue more than once but still would like to know possible causes/solutions.

Do you mean that it revved up high?? Was it still doing this as you were moving or after you stopped? Did it feel like the car kept trying to “pull” itself forward?

so what i remember is that i was pulling into a parking spot, and had to turn to do so, and i had shifted to park and then the engine went 100%. pretty sure it was in EV mode because i wasn’t going more than 10 mph. it did not feel like the car kept trying to pull itself forward, it was doing this when i had come to a stop in the parking spot.

again, this only happened once, but honestly i don’t think should have happened at all. it’s not a diesel engine, it shouldnt run away (which it felt like it was doing), it’s a gasoline hybrid.

and if i didn’t make it clear it probably did rev high but on those vehicles there’s no tachometer there’s %power up to 100 and then the blue charge lines for braking and regenerative stuff

that’s odd to say the least…I wonder if the computer detected low battery so it kicked the gasoline engine on and it just gave too much power? or perhaps you were running the heater and the gas engine cycles on more often to provide heat…If it was a traditional gasoline engine I’d wonder if your throttle was dirty or something like that, but I honestly doubt that in this case since it’s a hybrid and only 3 years old. As long as it only happens this one time I’d just chalk it up to coincidence or something weird. If it happens again, then I’d consider letting the dealership take a look at it just to make sure there’s not something funky going on