Honda Civic Hybrid



My 2006 Civic Hybrid motor shuts off when I stop at a red light and leave the car in Drive. Why doesn’t the motor also shut down when in Park?


Does your owners manual say anything about it>


If it shut off in “Park”, how could you ever start it?? How could a remote starter ever work?


Why do it? Not like people are shifing in and out of park all the time.


I give up; why doesn’t it?


Presumably it would start the same way it does when stopped with your foot on the brake pedal. When you take your foot off the brake, that signals the starter to start up the motor again, and you have to put your foot on the brake to shift out of Park. Seems to me things would/should work the same, but what do I knnow?


The point is to not have the engine idling while one is in Park and loading/unloading passengers, packages, etc.


Owner’s manual.

My hybrid experience is only with Ford Escape hybrid and that engine has a mind of it’s own.
The battery drives the car.
The engine recharges the battery.
But mine does shut off in park also, given the battery has sufficient charge.


My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid does the same thing. It appears to be part of the design of the car. It is a good question though. I’m not sure why they designed it to perform in that way.

When I pull to a stop (with the “Econ” button activated) my car engine will “auto stop” along with the A/C but the radio keeps playing. This tells me that the circuits are still active but running off of the battery. When I take my foot off the brake, the engine starts back up. Sometimes, if the battery charge is low the engine will start back up on its own - even though my foot is still on the brake - to recharge the batteries.

It would make sense for the same thing to happen in Park with the key on but I guess they missed that in the design phase. It is interesting that they still have the same design in the 2006 model you have.


If it did that, mechanics couldn’t work on adjusting the engine.