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2016 Honda HR-V - Water issue

Same as above, after several days of continual rain water began leaking over drivers side rear wheel. Spare tire well ended up with 1" +or- of water and the Honda dealer would not examine the vehicle for free. Never wrecked and gently driven for 40,000 miles what a surprise.

Does your doctor give free exams? Why do you think a shop should.
It’s out of warranty, try an independent shop, but you may have to pay a diagnosis fee there too.


Dought that is leaking over rear wheel possibly tailgate seal or seal oround taillight’s.

Has your warranty expired?

3 years 36k so more than likely it has.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing. Why do you think OP that Honda should provide this service without charging you their usual service fee? If you can make the folks here understand that point you seem to be trying to make, then maybe with some of the expert guidance found here you can make Honda understand too. For example, this might work: Here’s my check for $28K to buy that new HRV I see over there on your lot, which I’ll give you only after you’ve repaired my current HRV’s leak without any service charge.