2016 Honda CR-V - Stalls but just in D

My 2016 CRV will drop idle a few seconds after stopping at a light or sign. So i tried it in my driveway and it only does it in drive not reverse, thats doent make sense.

Does it do it if you shift from R to D in your driveway also or only after slowing down to a stop??

How many miles on the vehicle??

Only drops idle in D

Thank You

How many rpms in D versus R versus P/N??

I don’t think it matters but have you check your motor mounts?? Transmission fluid level (correctly)??

Did it just start doing this out of the blue, or have you had some work done recently and it started right afterwards??

Just got it so no sure when it started. It drops just enough, drive with lights on and no problems. Put it in reverse while sitting no problems. It’s only Drive. Mounts are good.

The idle drops to what engine speed? Why do you believe this is abnormal?

To do what???

OK, I thought this was something that just started happening on a vehicle you have had for a while and it was dropping more than it used too…

When you have more of a load on the vehicle such as headlights and or A/C the IAC can/will “bump” the idle up to help keep the idle in specs…

Unless you are having rough idle, shaking, vibrating it is probably normal…

It does get pretty shakey