2016 Honda CR-V shock absorber

hola bueb dia . tengo una crv 2017 se le escucha un ruido del lado de pasajeros . segun la agencia es la cremallera .lo llevo revucin a otra parte y comentan que son los tonillos del brazo de direccion. y sigue el ruido …me coemnatn que es el amortiguador .l camioneat trae 52,300 km

Google translate says
“hello good morning I have a 2017 crv you can hear a noise from the passenger side. According to the agency, it is the rack. I take it elsewhere and they comment that they are the bolts of the steering arm. and the noise continues … I am aware that it is the shock absorber. The truck brings 52,300 km”

Welcome, alberto. Please be aware that this is an English language site. You say you’re aware that it is the shock absorber. Are you saying there’s a problem with a shock absorber or that you think the shock absorber is the cause of the noise?

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