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2016 Honda CR-V - Humms

what is the cause of a persistent humming sound coming from the rear of my 2016 crv at low speeds

Could be a lot of things, but check if your still under warranty before you act on anything. Differentials can make noises when low on fluid or wrong fluid is added. Low tire pressure on tires, wrong size tires.
Worn wheel bearings can cause humming noise. Center driveshaft bearing. Worn differential mount bushing. Some of these may be negated due to the age of the vehicle, but there’s enough possibilities to have it looked at.

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If it hums when running but not moving, it could be the fuel pump.

Thanks. The car is not under warranty. It is a 2016 Honda CRV with 105K miles, so I am thinking it may be fluids. Not tires, they are a year old and this just started happening .

Only when moving. I think I will have the deferencial fluid checked.

Just a reminder that you should only use the Honda fluid when adding. If the noise goes away after you add the oil, I would recommend changing the fluid afterwards. If I remember correctly the procedure for changing the differential fluid is simalar to changing the transmission fluid. They want you to drain refill, drive it for a week or so, then change again. If the noise doesn’t go away, then off to the next option. Good luck.