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2015 Honda CRV Humming noise at speeds above 30mph-

Hi all,

My 2015 Honda CRV recently began making a humming noise, somewhat higher-pitched. Here is a short clip:

Any ideas what might be causing this? Much more noticeable on highways… don’t really hear it as much in the city.

Thank you very much for any insight.

I played the clip, but couldn’t hear it. A humming noise that kicks in at about 30mph is most likely a wheel bearing that’s worn and should be replaced.

On a road where there are NO vehicles present, try zig-zagging slightly right and left (doesn’t take much, shouldn’t even have to move out of your lane) or try taking right hand and left hand curves in a road and see if the noise changes, particularly zigging one way and not zagging the other way.

It’s possible the noise will disappear or greatly diminish in one direction and not the other.
Report back.


Could also be tire noise. Original tires still on?

Definitely a wheel bearing in need of replacement.Did you hit a curb or was the vehicule involved in a accident?Was the cv joint replaced on it because some mechanics use air tools and over torque the spindle bolt resulting in early wheel bearing failure.Anyway,4 years is way too soon for this to happen.

Good idea to double-check the transmission fluid level with this symptom.