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2016 Honda Civic Sdn - Can Low Freon Cause Compressor Damage?

The AC in my 2016 honda civic went out, a few months and two hundred miles out of warranty. The condenser is leaking (a known problem) and is covered under an extended warranty. The compressor is leaking too and is not covered. My question is - could low refrigerant have damaged the compressor? In other words, could the failure of the covered part caused the failure of the non covered part? At any rate, air conditioning going out after 36k? Boo, honda, boo.


The computer in the vehicle monitors the AC pressure to prevent that from happening.


Years ago the A/C went out in a Pontiac I was driving. Our mechanic ended up replacing everything because air had gotten into the lines. If you’re lucky that’s not the case.

If your mechanic replaced everything because air got into the lines then he is on thin ice mechanically speaking. Never heard of such a thing.

The reason for vacuum pumps is to not only suction out the air but mainly the moisture in the air during A/C repairs.,

Had a new condenser replaced due to a leak, I had no compressor problem.

The rationale was that with old style Freon moisture would produce acid and cause damage. No idea whether it’s true but more than one mechanic told me the same thing at the time.

The old style Freon, R12 (DuPont trade name), uses mineral oil.

Mineral oil and moisture doesn’t create acid.

The new style Suva, R134a (DuPont trade name), uses PAG oil.

PAG oil and moisture does create acid.

If Ester oil is used in both R12 and R134a refrigeration systems, no acid is created with moisture.