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2015 chevy Sonic Compressor failure

My 2015 chevy Sonic was hit and had to be repaired. The shop repaired the condenser for my AC. I got the car back and the AC worked for 2 days max but then blew hot. I took it back. They recharged it. 12 hours later and it went out again. They replaced the condenser after it was determined to be faulty. Well now my compressor is toast and the shop is basically saying it was not them and that unless it was the accident that caused it, then it is my problem. Is there a way to prove they damaged it due to them not checking for leaks and causing it to burn out? What should I do?

The shop did nothing wrong.

If there were a leak in the AC system, the refrigerant would have leaked down to a point where the low pressure switch would have prevented the compressor from operating, preventing damage.


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Contact the insurance company that authorized the work . Only they can have the part replaced and I agree that the shop is not at fault here.

I checked it for low pressure on the low side and it was empty but compressor was on. So does that mean the low pressure switch failed? And if not then what could explain the compressor failure? The condenser leaked refrigerant but it ran like this. Thanks for the help guys

If the low pressure side is empty, the entire AC system is empty.

The only way the compressor can operate without refrigerant in the system is, the low pressure switch was unplugged and a jumper wire was plugged into the electrical connector.


Alright, well that gives me something to look for and hope my compressor is just cycling from the switch. Thanks everyone! Car AC isn’t anything I’ve worked on so this helps me a lot!