2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid - tire pressure monitor issue

My battery went dead pulled the old one replaced and the tire pressure didn’t come back its blank every thing else came back up now I know I should have plugged in a battery to keep computer up on the left side of info center it says CAL

You need to have your tire pressure monitors relearned or calibrated. On some vehicles you can find a procedure on the internet to do it yourself. But it’s not very expensive to have it done at a professional tire dealer.

all because I replace a battery ?

Yes, there are dozens of modules in your car and they all need current to maintain themselves. When the power source is removed, they loose their memory. Sometimes they will relearn everything they need to know and all is well after a few drives. Sometimes one may have a hiccup at power loss and has to be manually retaught the values it uses to perform it’s function.

OK thanks the tire pressure is the only thing that didn’t come back up and as far as that goes I didn’t have it on other picups so it may just stay as it is its all ma money making thing for dealers I had to change my telephone number because of warranty calls from about 100 different places national dealer services is the main one told them no about 1000 times still they text

thanks again

The tire pressure monitors are not a money making item for dealers . Any tire shop will have them . Also they are a beneficial safety item because of so many people who don’t check there tires as often as they should . Mine lit up recently and I could not tell a tire was low while driving. Pulled into the next convenience store and aired the tire up.

The calibration or TPMS sensor matching process is on pages 412-413 of the owners manual. You will need a TPMS re-learn tool or you can have your dealer perform the procedure after the next tire rotation.

I’m not going back to the dealer for any thing there a bunch of idiots charge me 50 dollars to put the easy down bushing in when it was only 5 months old and new from them sense then I have put five in and the hell with

If you are in the US call Discount Tire or their other name America Tire and ask if they will charge to reset the sensors.