2016 Ford Focus - blown head gasket

The car overheated and stopped without any warning. The service department stated antifreeze was in the engine. This apparently is a blown head gasket.

sorry you are having car troubles.
Did you have a question? or just venting?


Sad on a 5 year old car to have that kind of issue

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Were the radiator fans observed to be working?

If you are asking whether or not it’s worth replacing the head gasket in it I would say no. A reman or hopefully good used engine is a better option.

The reason being is that if it got hot enough to stop and leave coolant in the engine odds are the entire top end is southern fried and the lower end bearings are washed out.

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I thought “antifreeze in the engine” meant “in the cooling system”; i.e. there was still plenty of coolant. If there is antifreeze in the cylinders, OK is correct, good chance the engine bearings may be damaged; i.e. the engine would need to be rebuilt, a bigger job than just replacing the head gasket.

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Did you check your engine oil? Is it milky?

Many folks continue to drive with known overheating issues. Steam coming out hood. Temp gauge pegged. Motor usually runs and only stop when it seizes. On a 2004 so and so. But, you have 2016. If you had no warnings, and 30k miles dealer might be interested. Do you have a warranty?