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2016 Ford Edge - Camera eye

I own a 2016 Ford Edge ,purchased used, two years ago. It currently has 40,000 miles on it. This past summer, as I was backing out of my garage, I noticed that the backup screen , which should show the area behind the car, also showed a portion of the license plate which is located just below the camera “eye”. Approximately one inch on the bottom of the screen shows this license image. Has the “eye” shifted? If so, can it be re-positioned? Easily? My dealer (Holt Motors, Cokato, MN) could not give me an answer and were not interested in pursuing an answer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

You might ask a shop that installs aftermarket systems if adjustable.
But I found, on another forum, the below view is considered normal due to the wide angle lense the camera uses.

Yes, the camera needs to be re-aimed. As @Purebred noted, some visible license plate is normal but an inch seems like a bit much.

I have had customers complain about the license plate being in view, that is normal, the camera in not adjustible.

Have you checked the zoom function on the display ( The “+” on the screen)? It might’ve been zoomed in and then someone hit the “+” on the screen reverting it to the wide angle.