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2016 Ford E250 - Vibration At High Speed

Ford F-250, 2016, Has a vibration problem at high speed. The vehicle was taken to a front end alignment specialist. Aligned , wheels balanced and the problem is still there.

Looks like we need to play “20 Questions” to offer you any help.

I call “high speed” 130 mph plus. I doubt that is the speed you might think as “high speed” so how about telling us how fast you are going when this vibration occurs? At which end of the truck? Have you rotated the tires? Did the vibration follow the tire? Did it stay in place?

Describe the vibration… a shake in the steering wheel? Up and down, or side-to-side? A shake in the floorboards? A shake in the rear? Does it go away at lower speeds (and tell us the speed) Does it go away if you speed up (and tell us the speed)

So an E250 van… what engine? Is this the long one with a 2 piece driveshaft?

If you put the rear axle up safely on 2 jack stands run the engine with the truck in Drive up to the speed where the vibration begins you will likely be able to determine where the problem is. And a weight missing from the drive shaft or a significant ding in the shaft seem very likely possibilities.

Please don’t allow anyone young and/or irresponsible to be involved if you choose to try that technique.

Did they do a road-force balance? If not, that’s probably the next step.

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This vehicle is 3-4 years old. Did the problem recently develop? Has it always been this way?

I wondered if you might have a bad tire. Even though you have the wheels balanced, I’ve heard of people having tires that are just somehow out of round, and balancing does no good.

Regardless, we need more info.

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