2016 Dodge Ram 2500 - Window has its ups and downs

Electric driver window does not go up sometimes and requires multiple attempts to finally work. And my back up sensor “off” indicator stays on. Could these problems be related to the computer? Or any suggestions?

separate issues.
The driver’s window is the most used window. the window switches on the driver’s door are called a master switch. it probably needs replacing. the one switch for that window is most likely worn, you need to replace the whole master switch, you usually cannot replace the individual switch.

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Try lubricating the window channels for the driver’s side window first. Too much friction will shut the motor down; it’s a safety feature. If that doesn’t work, it is probably the switch.

Computers… plural. There are more than a dozen in your truck. I don’t think these two share a computer but if they do it would be the TIPM… If that were failing (common on Chrysler products) tnere would be lots of things going crazy.

Assume it is a switch problem. A mechanic with a scanner can help diagnose the root cause.

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Thank you!

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Not so.

There was poster who had a Chrysler vehicle where the back-up lights wouldn’t shut off.

That’s it!

It was a bad TIPM.


Dang! That is some seriously silly stuff!

My rear back up sensors started randomly (in reverse with nothing around) sounding off. Then they went to full time “OFF”, no sound. Push the on button and the button flashes red a few times then goes solid red meaning it is disabled. Some goofy stuff.
Conrad Fournier

The park assist system has detected a fault, these things happen.

I replaced a park assist sensor on a 2018 Lexus last week, $253 plus 2 hours of labor.

The TIPM contains a bunch of logic circuits that are independent of each other.

RAM uses multiple buttons with resistors that share the same wiring. The computer measures the resistance to know what button is pressed. If the switch gets dirty it won’t work properly. The door switches do not directly operate the windows. They only send small signals to the computer that controls the windows.