2016 Dodge Ram 1500 - Fuel line issue

fuel line 1/4 od keeps rubin hole in it ive fixed it 4 times will no do it again if it stops in traffic and i get hit then they will fixe it

Who is ’ they ’ ? You are out of the warranty period so any good shop should be able to fix this problem .

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I am not sure how it is rubbing a hole in the line without a picture or more detail. how about putting a piece of rubber between the line and what it is rubbing on. if the line goes through the chassis somewhere and is rubbing, put a rubber grommet there.


Trying to imagine their motivation for that. hmmm … Are they fixing this leak under a repair-warranty, no cost to you each time? If so, that would be a motivation at least.

I’m thinking your best bet is to get a different shop working on this problem, along the lines of WW’s post above.

I’m guessing (as we all are… ) but I think he means that, if it is hit, the other party’s insurance company will pay to repair it. Or, perhaps Mr. Rubin will pay.

Quien sabe?

Don’t “fix”, replace, then protect the line where it is rubbing.

Well then I guess it will leak again. You should also work on your “fixin” skills.


And keep Rubin away from your truck🤪