2016 Chrysler 300 - Carrier bearing thoughts

Carrier bearing failure @ 86000 miles. They sell a aftermarket bearing hanger however in order to change it whole driveshaft has to be replaced.

I expect the driveshaft has to be removed and reinstalled, not replaced. Removing and installing a driveshaft is a pretty simple job, especially for a shop. It takes me, a driveway diy’er, maybe 30 minutes to remove and reinstall the rear driveshaft on my Ford truck. When removing a driveshaft, it’s important to place witness marks so the driveshaft balance isn’t changed.


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You need to see if there is a driveshaft shop in your area (chances are pretty good if there is any kind of race tracks (vehicle) around your area) and check their prices…

George comparing your 50yo Ford truck to the OP’s vehicle is like comparing a Biplane to the Space Shuttle… lol
The labor time on a basic 2016 300 PROPELLER SHAFT (driveshaft) - R&R is 2.4 hours… The exhaust is in the way along with heat shield(s)…


Wow, the underside of that vehicle is very clean. No dirt, no mud, no oil. Looks brand new. Exhaust components look to be 100% stainless steel. Good photo. Wondering what motivates the two exhaust ends sticking out though.

No oil leaks and stainless steel exhaust, looks like a typlical modern vehicle.

Styling/customer interest. Why would a front-wheel-drive 6 cylinder car need 4 exhaust outlets?

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Pfffttttt, Most of these 3"-6" lifted Jeep Wrangler’s and Trucks with 37"+ mud tires are even cleaner cause they are posers…