2016 Chrysler 200 - Grill sensor?

My engine light came on, and the Dodge dealer tested why and told me it was a grill sensor. Now I can’t get an inspection without repairing that? and it costs $1,200. Is the grill sensor that essential to make my car unable to pass inspection? I thought it was just to improve the airflow for better gas mileage above certain speeds.

where I live, if the check engine light is on, then the car won’t pass inspection.

Are you sure your car is out of warranty? if it is, then get a second opinion at a shop other than the dealership or a chain.

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Grill sensor???

Unless you are in California, go to a big box auto parts store and have them do a scan for error codes. Then post back with the actual code number(s).

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If a “sensor” fails in the Active Grill Shutter actuator, the AGS actuator would need to be replaced, it is not serviceable.

The AGS actuator is expensive, about $450.



I doubt that he is referring to the ambient temperature sensor;