2014 Chevrolet Volt - did GM know the brake module would fail?

Failure of brake (black box) module at 67,000 miles on a used 2014 volt bought in 2016. At about $1000 for the part plus install, wish I had bought extended warranty. After my complaint via dealer to GM regional, They extended my 1 Year part warranty to 3 years or miles, on the whole brake system, except rotors and pads. Makes me think they knew this module was going to fail. Anyone else have this happen?

Which would have cost you more than the $1000 you spent to fix it.

67K is a bit early for that to fail but it is integral to how the car drives and the Volt was new technology never offered by GM before. But you still got 5 years and 67K out of it. The replacement is likely an upgraded part.

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