2016 Chevrolet Spark - Wrong fuel

What do I do if my daughter put 2 gallons of diesel full in tank? It won’t start after we fill it up with premium gas. Do I have to take it to shop ? Or how can o get it to start up again

A gasoline engine won’t run on diesel fuel because it won’t atomize like gasoline. With diesel/gasoline mix I have been able to start the engine by pumping the accelerator to get the vehicle into the shop.

The diesel fuel will need to be pumped from the tank to return to normal operation.

For crying out loud , why does this happen so often ?

Even if you can get it to start, you need to take it in. Since you tried to start it that mix is in the lines and needs to be cleaned out.

We did get it started and we will take it to the shop thank you so much !

Any chance that you might say how she did that wrong fuel thing ?

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