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2011 Chevrolet Impala won’t turn over after diesel was put in the tank

My step son put diesel gas in by mistake I have dropped tank an cleaned an change my spark plugs still wont turn over what’s next

We all want to figure out how folks are putting diesel into a gasoline vehicle, please tell us how he put it in

Does the engine not turn over as in does not crank or does it crank but not start? Big difference.

If it is cranking you may still have diesel in the line from the tank to the injectors. That line needs to be cleaned.

If it is not cranking, that has nothing to do with the diesel, that may be a starter problem.

When you see all of these fueling mistakes here it makes you wonder just how often it happens that we never hear about .


You need to purge the diesel fuel from the fuel line to the fuel rail.

Not “all” of us, some of us work in the repair industry and this has been going on for many years.